• Larkwhistle Gardens (Patrick Lima), Dyer’s Bay
  • Hannah’s Organics (Mark & Antoinette Rauket), Lion’s Head
  • Garden in Thyme (Molly & Dan Bridge), Lion’s Head
  • Stewart Fresh Produce (Greg Stewart), Allenford



  • Harvest Moon Organic Bakery (Graham Thomas & Christina Chladny), Lion’s Head
  • Colpoy’s Creek (Natasha Munn), Wiarton – produce too
  • Hannah’s Organics (Hannah Rauket) Lion’s Head


  • Bluefrog Creations (Heather Caton) – Lamp-worked glass beads & sterling silver jewelry (long weekends)
  • Cosmos Factory (Barney Fetter), Wiarton – Outdoor cedar furniture
  • Gleason Brook Pottery (Timothy Smith), Wiarton – Stoneware & functional pottery
  • Jo-Ann Miklautz – Aprons, vintage tablecloths/doilies
  • John Peters & Brenda Carroll, Lion’s Head – Wooden crafts & hostas
  • Kind Hands (Judy & Jay Jasper), Wiarton
  • Marea Ellis, Lion’s Head – Needle-felted items, wool sculpted animals, jewelry, crocheted pieces
  • Petal Babies General Store Inc. (Meaghan Kerton-Moir & Adam Moir) – Sun hats, headbands & children’s accessories (long weekends)
  • Sewing Knit work (Marlene Chrissley), Stokes Bay – Knitted sweaters, sock monkeys, bibs, aprons, etc.
  • Susanne Carter, Lion’s Head – Hand-spun & knit garments, fudge & brittle, wool spinning wheel demo
  • Wooden Things (Laura Hahn) – Wooden spoons & cutting boards


  • Bee Happy Honey (Mike Schenk & Jeri Parrent), Wiarton – Honey, wax products, some farm produce
  • Canterbury’s (Deb Donaghey), Oxenden – Buckwheat pillows, olive oil soap, beeswax lip balm
  • Cristina Weaver, Dyer’s Bay – Massage & flame-worked jewelry
  • Dark City Coffee (Cecile Myles), Lion’s Head
  • Georgian Bay Soapworks (Sue Jagt), Dyer’s Bay – Homemade, all-natural soap & body products
  • Grange Hollow (Brian Robin & Sarah Taylor), Desboro – Perennials, annuals, photo cards
  • Lori Bumstead, Shallow Lake – Beeswax candles, honey, fudge, gingerbread cookies
  • Luke & Melanie McMullin – Natural skin care & body products, fishing lures & flies
  • Miners’ Maple Products, Kemble (Russell & Abby Miners)
  • White Cloud Organics (Kimberly Oke), Dyer’s Bay – Natural remedies & health care products, some produce

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